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BDMS Welcomes Jarguet Concrete Forming as our jersey sponsor

We're pleased to announce Jarguet Concrete Forming Ltd. as our jersey sponsor. For the next two seasons we will proudly wear the Jarguet company logo across the front of our jerseys.

Jarguet started their sponsorship with our program in January 2019, which enabled us to purchase canopies for our teams to use, as well as rain jackets for our U13 boys and girls teams.

The continued generosity of Cassandra, Jonathan and Jarguet Concrete Forming Ltd., will allow us to continue to provide the best possible experience, both on and off the field, for the players and families of our program.

To learn more about Jarguet Concrete Forming Ltd., please visit them at https://www.facebook.com/Jarguetconcreteforming/

Thank you for being part of the BDMS family Cassandra, Jonathan and Jarguet Concrete Forming Ltd.